Factory IMEI Unlocking For Your iPhone 5, 5S, 5C Device

It is hard to accept the fact that your factory locked iPhone 5 that was supposedly the best in the world only a little time ago is no longer number one, which is why you should definitely unlock iPhone 5. All the euphoria and feelings of pride vanish and you have in possession just another smartphone. If you are going through similar feelings now that the iPhone 5S has been introduced, there is no need to worry as you can still compete with this brand new phone if you can just unlock iPhone 5. But what is this unlocking and why should you have any business with it?

Can You Unlock iPhone 5?

apple iphone 5This is a very general statement that does not tell you the benefits that will accrue to you as the owner of an iPhone. But all you need to know is that this is the key to all your worries about your phone becoming obsolete, or old enough to be replaced with the new iPhone. On top of this, you stand to gain in monetary terms with unlock iPhone 5.

If you do not know, Apple sells its iPhones through carriers at unbelievably small down payments. This is done deliberately to attract even those who cannot afford the expensive gadget. After all, who would not want to lay his hands on the smartest smartphone of the planet when he is getting it for a fraction of its maximum retail price? But herein lies the catch as the customer falls in the trap set by Apple and becomes compelled to pay not just higher call rates and very high roaming charges but he is also made to bear all the restrictions that the company places upon him in the name of his own safety and security. If you have been experiencing all this and yearn to get away from these limitations, iPhone 5 unlock is the easiest way to do it.

How To Easily Unlock iPhone 5

Now that you know what iPhone 5 unlocking can do for you, you must be tempted to get it for your own gadget too. But what is unlock iPhone 5 and how is it performed? You must have noticed that unlike your other friends making use of GSM phones, you cannot take out the SIM of your iPhone to insert the SIM of the carrier that charges lower call rates. The phone just doesn’t accept the SIM of any other company and refuses to start working. This is because Apple sells CDMA and GSM phones with sim lock. These gadgets can work only on the SIM that is provided by the carrier as it suits the interests of both Apple and the contract selling service provider. In other words, your phone is locked and you need to unlock the iPhone 5S.

Unlocking is akin to removing the lock from a closed room but it is not quite the same as it is done by giving commands to the operating system of the phone in a language that it understands. This is the language only known to computer programmers, it is basically a software that forces the iOS to accept the changes and allows the owner to insert the SIM of any other carrier. Unlocking iPhone 5 is a procedure that is simple and quick. But you cannot hope to do it on your own as it is the job of those who are knowledgeable about iOS 7.1. If you do not know how to unlock iPhone 5, you need not worry as there are many people and companies readily providing their services to help people like you.

With unlocking, you go a step further than jailbreak iPhone 5. This means that you not only remove the restrictions in terms of ability to download programs from sources other than the app store but also become free to customize the home screen of your gadget just like your friends using Android smartphones. Of course you also save your money by getting lower call rates from the new service provider. You are also happy to pay lower roaming charges. But it is surprising that despite so many benefits seen with unlock iPhone 5C, most of the owners are not willing to pay a dime to the experts who are willing to unlock the device. A high proportion of the owners are found looking for free tools on the internet that can help them get unlock for their iPhone 5. The following is a step by step guide to unlock your iPhone 5.

  • Step 1: Go to this website and find the software that matches your phone’s model and baseband
  • Step 2: Download the software and install it in a folder on the desktop
  • Step 3: Make a back up copy of your phone on iTunes
  • Step 4: Connect the phone with the computer using USB cable
  • Step 5: Unzip the files and click on start
  • Step 6: Follow the commands given by the software
  • Step 7: paste IMEI number along with your country and carrier details
  • Step 8: Do not worry if your phone reboots a few times during the procedure
  • Step 9: Wait till the procedure is completed and look for Cydia on the home screen
  • Step 10: Insert the SIM of the new carrier and check its signals
  • Step 11: You have your iPhone 5 unlocked if you can make a call

Unlocking Apple iPhone’s Using Safe Methods

Most of the owners of iPhone 5 are today desperate to get their devices unlocked. Despite Apple making the job of the hackers more difficult by the use of A5 chip near the processor, unlock iPhone 5 is still continuing unabated with people utilizing third party solutions. However, you still need to get down to a reliable and experienced company to complete the procedure for you as there have been umpteen cases of owners causing irreparable damage to their gadgets. If you know nothing about the procedure of unlocking, it is better to take help from those who know all about it to help you in case of something is going wrong. Paying a small fee for a permanent unlock is a prudent idea as against trying it on your own.

How Factory Unlocking Your iPhone Can Help

Even though unlocking iPhone’s 6S is popular, the idea of breaking the contract is only popular among geeks and nerds. People who don’t have technology background don’t want to risk anything by purchasing anything outside of Apple stores and network operators. This ignorance is exploited by both Apple and network operators so that they can charge whatever they want. If you don’t unlock iPhone 6S, you have to end up paying for the phone more than it’s worth in terms of the carrier contract that locks you to the network operator for at least two years.

Understanding iPhone lock

Apple sells both factory unlocked iPhone’s and locked iPhone’s. The factory unlocked phones can be used with any GSM operator out of the box. However, these phones are expensive and you have to pay the full price at the time of purchase. Needless to say, shelling out close to a thousand dollars is not possible for many people. Apple differentiates factory unlocked phones from locked phones through its database. The lock is actually software based as the Apple software will fail to recognize any SIM card other than the one that belongs to the locked network operator. Apple maintains a database of IMEI numbers of all unlocked phones and the software lock code is deactivated in factory unlocked phones.

Factory unlock works almost immediately

When you unlock the iPhone 6 using factory unlock method, essentially, your phone’s IMEI number will be added to the database. The third party unlock provider will update Apple’s database to mark that your phone is factory unlocked. This will deactivate the software pass code installed by Apple in your phone. However, for this to work, you have to purchase factory unlock iPhone 6 and then connect your iPhone to iTunes once it is unlocked. After restoring the phone, it will be unlocked permanently, allowing you to use it with any network operator of your choice. You have to trust the third party provider to unlock iPhone 6. After providing the IMEI number and making the payment, you simply have to wait for the message from Unlock iPhone Den. If for some reason the unlock doesn’t work for you, the unlocking provider must provide you sufficient support to figure out the problem. When the problem is not resolved, you should be able to get a refund because there is no point in paying for factory unlock if it doesn’t work for you. When you search how to unlock iPhone 6, you will inevitably find software and hardware unlocking methods apart from factory unlock. These alternate methods aren’t safe because they can void the warranty. You will be responsible for any damage you cause to the phone. iPhone 6 unlocking using factory unlock on the other hand maintains Apple warranty. So, if you have a problem with your iPhone after factory unlocking, you can easily take it to the Apple store for repair.

How To SIM Unlock An iPhone 6 (Plus) To Change Network Carriers

When iPhone launched its latest iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in September last year, it ventured into a whole new territory of ‘phablets’. Bigger screen, better display, improved cameras, and of course a faster processor and better battery life; these are all the key features promised by Apple and delivered with its latest flagship models. While the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus has everything going on in their favor; they still have the same problems as their predecessors. Yes, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus too come locked.

So, you must use just the carrier network that you signed up with when you purchased the phone. You are stuck with the official carrier network whether or not you like it. You cannot use the SIM card of a mobile network like AT&T, T-Mobile, or Verizon that is probably giving better rates. You cannot just remove the SIM card of your network and insert any other SIM card and expect it to work. There could be so many practical problems arising from this. For starters, if you are someone who travels abroad quite often, you would probably have to carry an extra handset for your international SIM card. Unlock iPhone 6 instead and break free from the limitations that Apple imposes solely for commercial purposes.

sim unlock iphone 6How to unlock iPhone 6 is a simple process. All you need is the IMEI number of your iPhone. The IMEI number can be found engraved on the back of your iPhone 6. Now you need to look for third party unlocking services online. These services offer to factory unlock iPhone 6 in return for a fee. However you need to find a reliable third party iPhone 6 unlocking service first. Do remember that these companies operate in countries that do not fall under the U.S Law. So you need to be extra careful about the legitimacy. You should research the company as much as possible. Look for online reviews and ratings. Always go with a company that comes with a money back guarantee.

When you are providing information about your device always be extra careful so that you receive the code that works for your iPhone 6. You will receive a confirmation that your iPhone 6 has been successfully unlocked. You need to activate your iPhone now before you can use a SIM card from any other carrier network. You can unlock it from the iPhone over a Wi-Fi connection. You could also do it by plugging your iPhone 6 to a computer and activating it through iTunes.

The final step involves inserting the SIM card from the desired carrier network. If you have followed all the steps right, you should be getting network signal on your iPhone at this point. You now have full controls of your iPhone 6. To be able to use third party applications, however, you would need to jailbreak your iPhone. It is not mandatory to jailbreak your iPhone to be able to unlock it. And in case your iPhone 6 is jailbroken already, you would not lose it if you factory unlock the iPhone 6. It is completely legal to unlock or jailbreak your iPhone. So, go ahead and claim full controls of your iPhone 6 now. You can very easily factory unlock iPhone 6 today.

Details For Unlocking iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Devices

iphone 6

When it comes to unlock iPhone 6, there are a very few services that will provide you with exactly what you need- for the latest iPhone unlocking is something that the majority of the providers out there have yet to master. But that shouldn’t be a cause of concern for you because we share the secret on how to unlock iPhone 6 and do it in the quickest and the safest possible way. Before moving on to that, let’s help clear a few doubts that you may have in your mind and understand what iPhone 6 unlocking actually consist of.

Understanding what unlocking your iPhone 6 actually does

unlocking-iphone-6Many people are actually confused between unlocking and jail-breaking an iPhone 6- both of these being very different processes. While unlocking your iPhone 6 only involves the restrictions that are placed on it by a network provider, jail-breaking your iPhone 6 will remove those restrictions on it that are set by Apple- meaning that jail-breaking your iPhone 6 will actually void your warranty as well.

The thing to note here is that to unlock your iPhone 6, you do not have to jailbreak it as well. This is where most people get confused and often end up not getting the former- thus getting stuck with a network or carrier that they do not like for quite some time. However, when you get to unlock the iPhone 6, you have that very freedom to use it with whichever network and carrier you want, without any restrictions of any kind.

How to unlock an iPhone 6 safely

Usually, if anyone wants to unlock his or her iPhone 6, then the following process has to be followed:

  1. First of all, check if the carrier is ‘supporting’ unlocking at UnlockiPhoneVIP.com.
  2. Input your IMEI number and details
  3. After they confirm it, you’ll get an email once your device is unlocked and proceed with the next step for unlocking your iPhone 6.

This is the usual process that people have to follow while getting their iPhone 6 unlocked. Doesn’t it seem a little insane that you have to take permission from a third party to use the phone that you paid for? Well, it surely is, but if you want to get to the 3rd step directly without any hassle, then the best and the most trusted of unlocking services of iPhone 6 is what you need.

To unlock iPhone 6 without going through the above hassle, all you have to do is contact us- one of the most trusted names in the unlocking the iPhone 6 business. After your IMEI code and mobile model is established, it will only take a small amount of time to get you your device unlocked. After it is done, you can use whichever carrier you prefer and whatever network gives you the best service and the best pricing. So what are you waiting for? Go on and get your iPhone 6 Plus unlocked now!

Best Way to Unlock iPhone 5S

Once you have purchased your iPhone 5S the initial excitement soon fizzles out when you find out about the limitations and restrictions Apple imposes on its users. Of course, you knew about them before. But, you never thought they could be so annoying to deal with. After all no one likes to pay hundreds of dollars extra on phone bills every month. On the other hand, you are only allowed to download applications from the App Store. And the applications on App Store are generally more expensive than third party applications.

You can easily get rid of all these and break free from all these barriers to start using your iPhone with complete freedom. All you need to do is jailbreak and Unlock iPhone 5s. Jailbreaking allows you to download third party applications. You are no longer dependant on the overpriced App Store applications. Visit the third party application directory and download as many applications as your choice. You also get access to thousands of free applications. Unlock iPhone 5S and see it open whole new dimensions in terms of iPhone usage.

By unlocking the iPhone 5S you can change the SIM card of your iPhone any time you want. You will not be forced to stick to the official carrier of iPhone only. It has been observed that the carrier charges are quite high and users do not get a lot of options in terms of choosing the subscription pack of their choice. They end up paying thousands of dollars unnecessarily every month. When you unlock iPhone 5S you are no longer contract bound to the official carrier. You can use your iPhone 5S like any regular phone when it comes to choosing the service provider.

iPhone users who need to travel abroad consider unlocking as absolutely necessary. Roaming charges on the official carriers are ridiculously high. Once you unlock the iPhone 5S you can change to local SIM cards wherever you travel. Users usually subscribe to pay as you go plans. So, you do not have to carry an extra handset every time you travel abroad.

Choosing the right unlocking option is also very important. Do not go for the software unlocks as they are unreliable and temporary. They also risk damage to your iPhone 5S in the long run. Besides, there is no point in getting your iPhone unlocked when you know that it is going to get relocked with the next firmware upgrade. So, to avoid all these you must go for a factory unlock. The factory unlock in question should only require you providing the IMEI number.

The unlocking service will unlock your iPhone with the help of this number. You can be assured that your iPhone will stay unlocked even when your upgrade the firmware. The unlock you purchase should come with a warranty. By factory unlocking your iPhone 5S you are actually making your iPhone more valuable than when you purchased it. Any time you want to sell your iPhone 5S for a newer model be sure that your factory unlocked iPhone is going to command a high resale value.

Quickly And Easily Unlock The True Potential Of Your New IPhone 5

The effects of unlocking iPhone 5/5s/5c can be compared to removing the ball and chain from your standard cellular capability. The smartphone is indeed a highly effective device for mobilizing a lot of the more involved processes that you’d usually accomplish with a computer, but the degree to which you are actually able to freely manipulate those processes is not as mobile as some people would hope. If you’re locked into one cellphone carrier, then you’re generally going to have to abide by that carrier’s guidelines without being able to bridge that gap between any other services is you need to do so for any given reason; by unlocking the iPhone, this is no longer as issue. An iPhone isn’t the only Apple device that can be unlocked either; the iPad and the iPod Touch can also be unlocked and have their carriers changed if you choose to do so.

Flexible Carrier Capability

iphone5unlockingWhen you go through with the process to unlock iPhone 5, you are enabling it to be able to be used with any carrier that you choose. You’re generally going to have to use the default carrier that you have at the time of purchase, but when you unlock the phone, you can freely use the phone with any carrier that you decide to designate it. Let’s say, for example, that you lose your own phone and decide to purchase your phone online from an independent seller instead of going into the store and getting it the “normal” way. If the phone’s carrier is different than what you original phone was signed to, then you’re basically out of luck and may have to try and return that phone and have to get an entirely new device through the store.

Unlocking iPhone 5 is Not Jailbreaking iPhone 5

Unlocking the iPhone 5S is more than just giving your phone the capability to be freely assigned a carrier; it also unlocks the floodgates for the phone to be able reach its full potential in what it is truly capable of. Instead of only being able to be used for certain functions that come with the phone by default, you’ll be able to use an entire host of applications that would normally be impossible to use if you were using the phone under normal conditions. You’ll be able to use all of the different functions that the phone is objectively capable of with close to no drawbacks at all. In a sense, it can be said that the process of jailbreaking your phone makes it less of a ‘phone’ and more like a fully functional, miniature computer that can also be used to make phone call. One thing to consider is that the unlocked iPhone 5C is not protected by any kind of warranty that would normally protect a phone that is registered under the standard two-year contract. If you go through and unlock iPhone 5, be prepared to have ways to get your phone’s maintenance taken care of in ways that aren’t going to require the intervention of the actual cellphone carrier company.

Learn How To Unlock iPhone

Unlocking Apple iPhones couldn’t be easier these days thanks to a new method of unlocking called a “factory” unlock. This is as simple as providing your iPhone’s serial number, or IMEI, to a reputable company who then adds that number to Apple’s official unlocked database. This in turn allows you to insert any Network SIM card in to the iPhone 5/5S/5C and it will be able to communicate with that new cellular network.

More Affordable

An unlocked iPhone 5 may initially cost a little bit more than getting a phone through the store under a contract, but ultimately, it’s not going to cost you nearly as much money in the long run. Paying almost one hundred dollars a month to keep your contract current on a phone that you got under AT&T or Verizon could easily rise to grand sum of well over a thousand dollars. In comparison, buying your phone unlocked for a one-time fee of six hundred dollars or so is going to be a lot less expensive. It’s also important to consider the fact that when you add up all of the different applications you can use on a jailbroken phone that would be impossible with a standard phone, the jail-broken version can potentially wind up paying for itself in the end.

Get Started Now And Unlock iPhone 5

You have literally nothing to lose by unlocking your cell phone. There are so many benefits and zero risks, so it is just a matter of getting it done. That is why we strongly suggest the company on this website to do the job, as they have been in the business for a very long time and millions of customers have used them to unlock iPhone 5 devices for many years now.